Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups. I had assumed that this was going to be one of those pay-per-views that just hits on every level. My expectations going into this one were unbelievably high, sinceย Extreme Rulesย boasted a deeply promising card. Unfortunately, it didn’t deliver quite to the level I had hoped.ย It is, however, easily the best PPV since this year’sย WrestleMania. The main-event delivered in spades, while we also saw great matches for the Cruiserweight and Intercontinental Championships. Another thing of note is how well it dealt with its stories. The beautifully edited promo-packages only helped get these narratives across.…   [continue reading]

Secret Cave Office Chart [MARCH 2017]

This month’s playlist is much more varied than the February edition. ย I tried a lot harder to make it a bit more representative of my overarching tastes. ย That said, quite a lot of this material was new to me. ย I’m finding that making these is helping me to discover a few things myself. ย That, at the very least, makes it worth doing. ย Overall, i’m really quite happy with this one. ย However, I do have a couple of problems i’d like to iron out for April’s Office Chart. ย For example, I feel the two halves are slightly too separate. ย After a more upbeat opening, it’s quite a bit more chilled out by its conclusion. ย …   [continue reading]