Secret Cave Office Chart [AUGUST 2017]

As Benjamin and I scurry away at work for our upcoming print zine, this Office Chart nearly never happened. It’s more difficult to compile something as coherent as it is eclectic, on a regular basis, than I thought. So, I was somewhat lucky with this one. Many of the tracks fell into place with barely a nudge, making an end product that might be one of the more intriguing charts yet. Unfortunately, it may also be the final Office Chart that I make in this way. Withย Secret Caveย moving in a different direction, I’m not sure what place they’ll have in the future.…   [continue reading]

Secret Cave Office Chart [MARCH 2017]

This month’s playlist is much more varied than the February edition. ย I tried a lot harder to make it a bit more representative of my overarching tastes. ย That said, quite a lot of this material was new to me. ย I’m finding that making these is helping me to discover a few things myself. ย That, at the very least, makes it worth doing. ย Overall, i’m really quite happy with this one. ย However, I do have a couple of problems i’d like to iron out for April’s Office Chart. ย For example, I feel the two halves are slightly too separate. ย After a more upbeat opening, it’s quite a bit more chilled out by its conclusion. ย …   [continue reading]