SCP3 BONUS – “Other” Joe Lopez Interview

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“Other” Joe Lopez is well-known by gamersย for his work onย The Angry Joe Show. His winning dynamic with “Angry” Joe Vargas, a close friend since middle school, is a large factor in the appeal of their YouTube channel. As an integral part of the show, his humorous observations and experienced criticism have made him beloved amongst fans. Lopez has helped Vargas to hone his characteristic tone since his earliest days withย Blistered Thumbs.

Asย The Angry Joe Showย has increased in popularity, it’s received significant backlash for a perceived laziness.ย …   [continue reading]


This post is a little different to the spotlights I usually post up, which are written to try and help people find dusty gems they may not have unearthed. ย Instead, today i’d like to rant about the latest Disney princess tripe that’s taking the easily distracted by storm. ย I couldn’t quite believe the trailer I saw earlier this morning, and I’ve been mulling over it all day since. ย I decided to make today’s Friday Film feature one where I show the vitriol I’ve tried hard to keep away from this corner of the internet.

Moana has already attracted a tad of controversy, offending some Polynesians for it’s portrayal of Maui (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) as an overweight, piggy-nosed stereotype. ย …   [continue reading]