Live-Tweeting Reactions to ‘Alien’ (1979)

After several not-so friendly pokes in the ribs from Lee, I’ve caved and watched Alien.

I have no idea how I evaded it for so long, and it’s something I’m pretty ashamed about. However, I jumped at the chance to watch it as a way to write something a bit different for Secret Cave.

Scroll pastย my proper-writer analysis below to read the condensed, live-tweet version.

Shamefully late Alien first impressions

Unlike audiences at the time, or even the majority of normal people on Earth today, I’d been exposed to countless Alien imitators, but never the genuine article.…   [continue reading]


Ridley Scott’sย Alien is one of the most obvious science fiction classics ever committed to film. ย Every single aspect of this masterpiece is tightly woven and meticulously constructed. ย It’s probably that, along with its great tale, keeping it so richly alive over the years since its release. ย Now drowning in accolade, it seems the critics most definitely do get things right from time to time. ย It’s still the best film in the series that followed it too, itself a notableย collection of flicks (even if it does devolve across its course). ย Standing tall as a perpetual influence on the genre,ย Alien is far more than a lauded product of its time.…   [continue reading]