Rhys from Goldie Lookin Chain Interview

This article ties in to a podcast I recorded with Rhys from GLC, available here.ย I also previously interviewed his bandmate, Eggsy, which you can find here.

Last month, Goldie Lookin Chain releasedย Fear of a Welsh Planet. It’s an album that continues their trend of hilarious, but relatable, hip-hop. To find out more on its creation, and the evolution of GLC across a lengthy career, I spoke to Rhys (also known as P. Xain). As the member responsible for almost all of the group’s music and production, he’s been deeply ingrained from their earliest beginnings.

Aside from Goldie Lookin Chain, Rhys has put out a number of intriguing solo releases.…   [continue reading]

Our Cinema/On Cinema Season 9 [REPORT]

Gregg Turkington‘sย Our Cinemaย Oscar Special should have been a triumph. ย Instead, Tim Heidecker found a way to derail proceedings regardless of his absence. ย It could have been an evening of insightful movie expertise; as we’ve come to expect from its host. ย What we ended up with was a travesty. ย Of course, Heidecker has a history of live meltdowns. ย I had deep hopes that his personal issues wouldn’t fringe on another Oscar Special. ย Unfortunately,ย On Cinemaย has become nothing more than a kind of therapy for Heidecker. ย That his chaos can extend to the cool waters of Turkington’s winning criticism should be a concern for us all.…   [continue reading]