ACME (08) – Ancestral Jottings


Ancestral Jottings
(in the lands before ACME)

Chipped rock flew through humid, bubbling air. ย Disordered lines in cave walls connected and separated in haphazard heavy-handedness.ย  Architects of some new place, intangible and distant to even its benefactors, hacked with primitive bashers and scratchers; patterns even they didnโ€™t understand.ย  This was when man still bawled its aimless evolutionary whines โ€“ a communication, but with all the lexical weight of bleats and barks.ย  Here, as language was beginning to grind into motion, so too were the first wild lunges made in the direction of creativity.

A beat rose up in the night, rolled out on rocks and animal skin.ย …   [continue reading]