Rockstar Retrospective: Grand Theft Auto III

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As hopefully the first in a series of “Rockstar Retrospective” articles, I thought it prudent to start with their first 3D foray,ย Grand Theft Auto III. ย Having recently earned the Platinum Trophy on this undoubted classic, I feel in a position to give it a fair and holistic overview. ย A diminutive eleven years of age on its day of release, it helps that I hold such vivid memories of its initial impact too. ย With that in mind, there’s plenty about the game that screams of bad design – almost in equal measure to the beautiful details found in every corner of the experience. ย …   [continue reading]

ACME (03) – Written in Stone


Written in Stone
(typed in microsoft word)

Push button.ย  His dusted, dated desktop Dell chugged into gear as if governed by churning teams of cogs.ย  Force slow legs stand, shimmy into kitchen.ย  He always avoided the creaking floorboard, but as his health began to reflect his age he couldnโ€™t help the strained sinew in his back from moaning its own geriatric protest.ย  Stub fucking toe on old, cracked dog bowl. ย Water everywhere, cold and shell-shocked feet.ย  An eternally broken digit, cracked under apathy and never healing through incompetence.ย  Even a hamster would learn its mistakes faster.ย  Quick, inefficient mop; kettle boil.ย …   [continue reading]