The Best and Worst of Trailers [2016]

At first I was going to make this piece an overview of trailers in their entirety, using two from this year as examples. ย Instead, it occurred to me that i’d simply be stealing an upcoming subject from fellow writer, Ben Mulholland. ย As such, I thought it more befitting of me to look in depth at the two examples. ย One staggeringly bad, another breathtakingly good, there are a lot of meaty tangents to go off on from both.

Trailers, on the whole, are mere promotional tools to rally the populous. ย While they can be sometimes woefully inaccurate, it wouldn’t be unfair to judge a film or game by them. ย …   [continue reading]

The X-mas Ad Battle: An Analysis

Before you start labelling me as a Grinch, let me make it absolutely clear that I adore Christmas. ย Despite being a devoted Atheist, the religious overtones are now more of a choice than a necessity. ย As for the commercial implications, it’s no different to the capitalism that pervades our society for the rest of the year. ย What’s left is a period of magical reflection against the warmth of some figurative fireside (radiator will do). ย It’s a time for family and friends, and the healthy stress that comes along with loving them. ย Mostly considered a cornerstone of the year, for those lucky enough to enjoy its pleasures, the jovial season is one I hold in perpetual high regard.…   [continue reading]


Final Impressions

(all ratings are out of 10)


It’s not a particularly interesting idea to throw another Doom sequel at us, and it doesn’t even twist it that much on its head to make it a re-boot. ย The idea of violent first-person shooting has an appeal, but a limited one.

…   [continue reading]