ACME (02) – An Explanation


An Explanation
(let me take you by the hand)

The ACME Company was everything to everyone around it.  As fundamental as water to our very being, there were utterly no revolutionaries against the peculiar establishment.  After all, a human would not get particularly far if he eschewed water and fluid; so the same applied to the necessity of ACME to Petey, Georgie and the rest of their charming ilk.

ACME provided all residents with their wishes.  Orders ranged from food (oversized hams and indistinguishable mush remaining the most common), entertainment, furniture and even weaponry (of which the honed and protected Anvil™ design still dominated the market). …   [continue reading]

No Man’s Redemption

No Man’s Sky is quite the heat magnet.  Indeed, there’s very little need for yet another article from some ripped-off geek-boy registering his disappointment.  Something else has even reared its head in backlash, inevitable and irritating in its aloof judgement.  I’m seeing so much defence of the game in a wholly uncritical, “well-I-still-like-it”, way that I can’t take it anymore.  Sean Murray’s probably relying on the defenders of the game to keep his misfired “labour of love” on track, and much of the hate has slipped into focused obscurity as gamers, one by one, give up on the screensaver that is No Man’s Sky.…   [continue reading]