Skeleton Films [BEST OF SCP1 TEASER]

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Near the end of last year, we released a little clip from an upcoming compilation of our first podcast season. I wrote about that in a short post here, where I spent more time introducing the concept. We look back onย SCP1ย (our first season) with largely mixed opinions. Though inexperience makes it a difficult listen, there are some entertaining needles hidden in the haystack.ย We agreed that a more focused compilation of its stronger moments would be a far better introduction to our current podcasts than the season as a whole.

Instead of just cynically throwing some edited snippets together, we’ve decided to provide it with visuals. We’re following the model of our SCP Minis. We’re still not sure how to classify an SCP Mini but it’s essentially an edited portion of our conversations and interviews, set to appropriate footage by Benjamin. While their nature may confuse us, we’re much more certain that we like them. They offer a strange creative freedom, and Benjamin’s use of obscure stock footage can be incredibly impressive.

“Skeleton Films” was one of my personal favourite happenings of SCP1. We were three episodes in, and I was still deeply unsure of the entire venture; mostly because I penned us in to some overly-specific topics from the beginning. This off-the-cuff bit was one of the earliest examples of us just having some fun. I remember thinking that we had finally approached the dynamic I imagined. What the fuck evenย isย a “Skeleton Film”? Click below for our desperate attempts to define this unrecognised genre:

When we started work on this “Best of SCP1”, I projected that we’d release it this month. With the ongoing demands ofย Issue #2: Breath, we’ve had to unfortunately place this on the backbench indefinitely. However, it will be available in the space of a couple of months. We’re both eager to meet an April release date for our second zine, especially with the number of different creatives involved. In the meantime, we’ll be releasing more teasers like the one above (and our previous one,ย “Bird of the Week”). For ongoing news and more, you can always stay up to date with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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