Secret Cave Podcast S02E01: Gay

As the first official episode of the new season, Lee thought it best that we open with something ridiculously divisive and offensive. He’s still not sure why.

Anyway, we have a protracted discussion about the use of the word “Gay” and terminology in general. We also spiral off and talk about drugs, and have an argument about numbers. Lee introduces our new segment, “Show and Tell”, where we each bring in one talking point and have an argument.


  • On the new format for season two
  • A discussion on using the word “gay”
  • The schoolyard origins of “gay”, and its implications
  • What it means as slang in Northern England
  • The history and different connotations of “gay”
  • On the reappropriation of negative terms
  • Arguments about terminology in To Pimp a Butterfly
  • When slurs are and aren’t shocking
  • Does “gay” have an actual homophobic connotation in America vs. its innocuous use in England?
  • On giving words more power by not using them
  • Milo Yiannopoulos and Will Young on being gay
  • How it feels getting told off by a friend’s parents as a kid
  • Do you know whether you’re going to smoke or take drugs from a young age?
  • Our thoughts on the morality and dangers behind taking drugs
  • What we’re told about drugs at school
  • The story of the only time Lee’s been put in the recovery position
  • How spiders spin their webs on different drugs
  • How acceptable is it (and has been historically) to say “retard”
  • On Doug Stanhope saying “fuck the Jews”
  • Is Vic Berger and Super Deluxe making a political statement with their content?
  • Can comedy be free of political bias?
  • Lee asks a philosophical question about the least interesting numbers
  • Is the Interesting number paradox merely a silly riddle?
  • Why is ‘cunt’ so offensive?
  • The first edition of Show and Tell
  • On Batman: Court of Owls, and why Lee doesn’t like the New 52
  • Badly rebooted fictional universes
  • On The Tiny, a Swedish band
  • Off-putting singing and accent affectations
  • Rich liquidity in strings
  • Sigur Rós’ progression between albums
  • Lee’s conversation with Tim Heidecker
  • Tim Heidecker’s perception of British people
  • Why Americans impersonate British people as cockneys


Music credit: Baby Mawson

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