Secret Cave Podcast #8: Movie Lucky Dip, AAA Games

‘Tis the season (finale) at Secret Cave. This is the last episode of the year before we take a break from arguing, posturing and bullshitting for a couple of months. We went into this episode with no agenda, and, for once, it shows.

Enjoy over an hour of disconnected chat on classic and obscure movies, indie games, and the biggest releases of the past decade.

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…But for now, listen to this week’s episode:

📻 in this episode, we discuss:

  • Thoughts on All The President’s Men
  • How All The President’s Men creates paranoia
  • Parallels between All The President’s Men and Dr. Strangelove
  • Ben M gets bollocked for being a lazy bastard
  • The context, and meaning behind, Entertainment
  • Creating tension in comedy films with deliberately dry scenes
  • On The Revenant
  • The Revenant hilariously and incorrectly dismissed as ‘a civil war film’
  • Should films go down in history and become classics because of their external context?
  • The problem with how All The President’s Men ends
  • Isn’t it easier to recognize shoddy acting over phenomenal acting?
  • Where to start with Robert Deniro
  • How much of what we see on the screen is the actor’s, director’s, or scriptwriter’s work?
  • What would Blade Runner have been like if Dustin Hoffman was cast as Rick Deckard?
  • Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049
  • Reboots that are better than the original
  • The Raid vs. Ong-Bak
  • Why bother watching The Warrior King if it’s so bad?
  • Reactions to Rogue One
  • The philosophy of the filter bubble
  • Can the film industry break out of its formulaic habits?
  • When was the AAA games industry consistently good?
  • On chancing upon more hidden gems in stores than online
  • Are AAA games less innovative or more innovative?
  • Why Gish didn’t deserve to win Game of the Year
  • What you’re really paying for when you pay $60 for a game
  • Why pixel games are prevalent now
  • Lee’s harsh criticism of Papers, Please
  • Does marketing ruin AAA games more than bad development?
  • Why it’s harder for Ben M to criticize indie games
  • Playing Proteus at 2am
  • Offensive Northern slang that you shouldn’t send me emails about

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