Secret Cave Podcast #7: Death Stranding, Physicality, One-Handed Gameplay

In this extended special episode, we have Andy Tyrrell — Lee’s dad — as a guest on the podcast.

I’d heard murmurings from Lee that Andy thinks the podcast is a weekly meeting of the pretentious mutual admiration society, so here I’m preparing to defend myself.

Tensions aside, in episode 7 we talk about emotion in games, generational perspective, and sex censorship. We also explain why we never talk about anything physical.

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…But for now, listen to this week’s episode:

📻 in this episode, we discuss:

  • Criticism from Lee’s dad on the podcast so far
  • Thoughts on the trailer for Death Stranding
  • Are teaser trailers misrepresenting games?
  • Are games ‘where it’s at’?
  • Why games have a hard time communicating emotion
  • Examples of games where you empathize with the cast of characters
  • On human emotion in Journey
  • Why Journey is such an emotional game
  • Are cult classics shit films that are simply ‘products of their time’
  • What makes a movie an instant classic?
  • The most glaring inaccuracy in The Martian
  • The one classic film Andy recommends me to watch
  • Why we’re pretentious bastards
  • Is it big-headed to want to broadcast your voice?
  • What would you call it when you make something new out of a wooden palette?
  • On ‘upcycling’
  • Turning twattery into an art form
  • We try to talk about something tangible and physical for once
  • Do game controllers make playing games too easy? Should they have nails hammered into them?
  • Grasping for physical experiences in a digital age
  • Are we basically brains in jars now?
  • What analog TV meant to the previous generation
  • Why Jason and the Argonauts isn’t shit
  • Stop motion skeleton design in the ‘60s
  • Would this podcast be better if we were all drunk?
  • Sex in Grand Theft Auto
  • Expectations from an 18+ rating on a game
  • Inconsistent censorship on MTV
  • Would developers come up with a one-handed controller if they made a masturbation-centric game?
  • The evolution of sex in video games
  • Hilarious encounters in GTA online
  • The ergonomics of game controllers
  • Why we bother talking about kid’s films
  • The reason Studio Ghibli can be difficult to get into
  • Surreality in films
  • On making the subjective objective
  • Why we create for Secret Cave

🔗 links mentioned:

Sick rims in The Martian:


Skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts:


Music credit: Nuclear Winter — Baby Mawson

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