Secret Cave Podcast #4: Luigi, Grand Theft Auto, Donald Trump

In the fourth episode of the Secret Cave podcast we have quite differing opinions.  While I’ve come out thinking it’s the best so far, Lee thought it was terrible (less so after a bit of an edit).

What do you think?

In this episode, we cover Luigi’s inferiority complex, obsessions with Grand Theft Auto, TV licences and the implications of an idiot being at the helm of the world’s most powerful country.

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For now, listen to this week’s episode:

? in this episode, we discuss:

  • Secret adult jokes in the Super Mario Bros Super Show
  • Luigi vs Mario — why is Luigi the best?
  • The variable difficulty of getting PS4 platinum trophies
  • Being overwhelmed by GTA 3 on release
  • When Space Invaders was available at the pub
  • Quiz machines in pubs vs. arcade machines
  • Blokes smashing random buttons on the fruit machine
  • Playing a Street Fighter II arcade machine in a log cabin in the woods
  • This year’s appalling crop of Christmas ads
  • On not watching scheduled TV
  • Getting hounded by TV license companies when you don’t watch TV at all
  • An accidental foray into politics happens…
  • Trump and racism
  • Bush vs. Trump
  • David Cameron as a featureless blob
  • Cameron’s hilarious music taste
  • On not watching Cosmos sober
  • When Carl Sagan got chonged and wrote formulas in soap in the shower
  • Getting amazing ideas in the shower
  • Writing under the influence
  • Why Oscar Wilde’s an arse
  • Is this our worst episode yet?
  • Is this our best episode yet?
  • Lee plays the Voyager theme on the cornet

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Music credit: Nuclear Winter — Baby Mawson

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