Secret Cave Podcast #2: Video Game Difficulty, The Undertaker, Mario’s Death, Movie Trailers

In last week’s episode, only two of Secret Cave’s writers could make it on air. This week, we’re firing on all cylinders and have an active, roundtable discussion about adaptive difficulty in video games, why The Undertaker became so popular, the death of Mario (and side-scrolling platforms), and how movie trailers are bullshit.

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?ย in this episode, we discuss:

  • Adaptive vs. set difficulty in video games
  • What’s the most difficult game you’ve ever played?
  • The unique difficulty of multiplayer games
  • Matchmaking algorithms in multiplayer games
  • Losing gaming tournaments
  • How to access ‘hard mode’ in Super Mario
  • The difference in difficulty in racing games
  • Is Mario Kart secretly a platformer?
  • Is adaptive difficulty a form of procedural generation?
  • The beauty of level design in Mario
  • Random generation as a form of difficulty
  • Why is The Undertaker popular?
  • The ridiculous things that resonated with wrestling audiences in 1993
  • Lex Luger’s abrupt face turn and why he’s a massive laughing stock
  • The evolution of Lara Croft
  • Which games will bring us into the new era of gaming
  • What future do games like Mario have, as games are evolving?
  • Indie developers taking over
  • What Mario Maker means for the future of video games
  • What kinds of games are the cornerstone of modern gaming?
  • Platform games as pure nostalgia
  • ‘That voice’ in trailers
  • Which perfectly good films were ruined by their trailers
  • On not watching trailers at all, until you’ve seen the film
  • The only trailer Lee thinks isn’t arse
  • Sweeney Todd’s trailer is false advertising
  • Awful trailers for animated movies
  • Hate-watching the trailer for Sausage Party

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