SCP3 #11 – Zine

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Since Benjamin and I recorded a bonus podcast detailing our first tape release, we thought we’d do a longer episode on Issue #1: Birth itself. Throughout this conversation, we discuss the zine page by page. We wanted to give some of the background behind the talents involved, and why we chose them. Each of the artists provided wonderful work, and deserves a spotlight. There are also some good stories behind some of our meetings. The intention is for listeners to have a copy of the zine open during this podcast, for some more context on our dialogue. You can download your own digital version of Issue #1: Birth here, for free.

Besides our delving into the contents of our first printed venture, I continue the point-scoring system I introduced last week. In our previous episode, my dog took the victory; winning with a pathetic -10 points for growling at one point in the recording. Katy, Benjamin and I performed so badly that we never even had a chance. Things were different this time. I came prepared. So determined was I to amass points that I gave my entire heart and soul to a new, exciting feature.

Batman: The Audio Adventures is my latest brainchild, born out of my encyclopedic knowledge of the Batman universe. Using clever audio trickery, and complex editing tomfoolery, I’ve been able to create the most faithful adaptation of Gotham city yet. It’s something I’m intensely proud of. I believe, in time, that it will become seen as my magnum-opus. It has potential to grow and develop too. I’m already considering ways in which I can take the franchise in fresh and interesting directions. Because of the energy that this segment injected back into the podcast, Benjamin and I come out with a surprisingly restrained session of Show & Tell. To hear all of this play out for yourself, click here. Alternatively, click the embed below:

British fellow consumes media and regurgitates back what you should think about it.

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