SC Streamcast #02: PewDiePie and Hatfros

What is a “Hatfro”? It’s what happens when 90’s video game graphics are so ambiguous that it can’t decide if something is hair or head-wear. It’s only a small part of this SC Streamcast, but a point worth clearing up. Having said that, what exactly is an SC Streamcast anyway? With this being only our second episode, I’m not entirely sure that we know ourselves. In many ways, and with my hand on my heart, it’s a whim; a half-baked idea that I’m playing around with. While its off-the-cuff nature is undeniable, there is some consideration behind its format. Streams, as delightful and interesting as they can be, are quite exclusive in their scope and focus. Podcasts on the other hand, which we’re no stranger to at Secret Cave, usually come without a visual element by definition and design.

Indeed, why not use gameplay as both a background and catalyst to an overarching dialogue? By the same token, why does conversation over gameplay have to be, largely, constrained to the game in question? Hopefully, the SC Streamcast can meet somewhere in the middle. At this point, the parameters of what exactly I’m trying to achieve are mystifying even to me. I hope it will develop, picking up some threads and self-contained arcs along the way. If it goes nowhere, so be it. While our podcast is on hiatus, I see this as a more casual – and easy to produce – option. If nothing else, it keeps our YouTube active while we complete work on our upcoming physical edition.


This week, Dale and I focus on PewDiePie‘s use of the n-word. Though everybody’s talking about it, it is a fascinating topic. It also has rather wide-reaching implications, and we attempt to approach it with an awareness that PewDiePie clearly lacks. In some ways, this discussion could be seen as a sequel to our SCP2 opener, Gay. It’s nice, at least, that connections like that can already by drawn by our second episode. That said, I remain unsure on exactly how viable this is as a release under Secret Cave. Its lack of any quality production values pitches it at a level lower than what I like to keep up here, so we’ll just have to see how uncomfortable that makes me as time goes on.

Along with PewDiePie’s slip, we also talk about the mechanics of RPG games in general. Dale’s never been a fan of or, in truth, understood Final Fantasy games. Therefore, it just made sense that we spend some time talking about what’s going on on-screen. I do a fairly terrible and lackadaisical job of explaining, before we eventually land on a question that I’ve come to want answered very badly. What would happen if a bird flew, at full speed, into the unyielding rage of Hurricane Irma? It’s a question Dale poses and, with a wholly straight face, I’d like to know. Beyond that, a host of different things come up and I fail pathetically at taking on Emerald Weapon. Click below to watch this second episode, and click here to watch the first!

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