Retro City Rampage DX
First Impressions


While the concept is appealing, enough so to make me purchase the game, it is admittedly a little thin and riding on the wave of previous trailblazers.  A fun idea people will most definitely want to play, there’s no doubting that there aren’t all that many original ideas to be found.


Every single separate area of this game’s design is wonderfully realised and a joy to play.  Driving takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s pretty much as smooth as it needs to be and is perhaps hampered by overpopulated streets.  The shooting/cover mechanic is actually fantastically realised and intuitive.  Free roaming is a great, but necessary, plus and “challenges” add surprising replay value.


You get what you expect for a “retro” game, bit-trip pixel art that can’t truly be placed in any specific era.  It’s not exactly that type of thing at the very top of its game either, but it’s definitely not bad.  Extreme detail is a double edged sword as it’s appreciated while also being a little distracting and inappropriate.


Within a minute I was impressed by the music, which admittedly does suffer from the same problem as the graphics.  Lovingly written and actually immensely listenable, it remains that the music is actually too good to come from the time it’s attempting to emulate.  Perhaps this is the point, to lie in some nostalgic grey area, and the music is quality enough to get past this slight niggle.  Effects and other general sounds are brilliant, each carefully made and completely in-tune with the world they bring to life.


Retro City Rampage DX is the first provisional MUST-PLAY i’ll award here at Secret Cave.  The provision is that you’re both a fan of old-school gaming as well as the Grand Theft Auto series.  If you’re one of those people, Retro City Rampage DX is worth every penny and surely won’t let you down.  It’s actually more fun to play now than the wildly outdated first installment of Grand Theft Auto.  Not without its flaws and somewhat small in scale, people who aren’t instantly endeared by the concept will probably have judged right by wanting to stay away.  A niche title for a (potentially) niche audience, it does everything that audience might expect while throwing more into the mix too.  It doesn’t have to be as funny as it is, for example.

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