Predator: 420 (A Secret Cave Podcast Mini)

For this SCP Mini, we haven’t drawn from outside materials or our interview guests. Instead, for the first time, we’ve used clips from our very first season of podcasts. Within that season, we were a rather different beast. Season Two almost entirely consists of interviews with other creatives about their work. In our first episodes, Benjamin and I simply recorded casual conversations about pre-set topics. It was a very formative time for us, but I still feel there are some interesting relics there. It makes for the most entertaining listening when the two of us argued, which would usually feature my explosive temper.

A particular highlight of these disagreements came in our fifth episode, when the subject of Predator came up. Firm in the belief that the titular character possesses a Rasta accent, Benjamin just wouldn’t drop his convictions. Since I’ve seen the films I was, of course, adamant about him being mistaken. I was riled by two things. Firstly, Benjamin’s true lack of pop culture knowledge had become clear by that point of the season. I felt true shock every time he would admit to not having seen some total classic, like Alien. By not knowing the anatomy of the Predator, he hit a nerve that had been growing more sensitive with each passing session. This was usually the cause of our tussles.

They very idea that the Predator could even enunciate a Rasta accent was the other thing that got me. Usually, he just uses his clickers to make unsettling white noise. It put the films in an entirely different context for me. Hilarious though the concept is, I’d have thought that my co-founder at Secret Cave should at least be aware of the nature of the Predator’s mouth. Then, assumption truly is the mother of all fuck-ups. Repackaged as an SCP Mini by Benjamin, with deliberately stoner-esque sensibilities, Predator: 420 is a great example of where we were at in the earliest days of our podcast. Personally, it also reminds me of how much fun I had making it.

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