Secret Cave Podcast

At the end of 2016, we launched a podcast to discuss popular culture, hidden gems and whatever else drifted into our consciousness. The podcast lasted three seasons, and changed its general format several times. You can find more information about each individual season below.

All non-interview episodes of SCP are now only available to Patreon supporters. However, we will be releasing a “Best Of” compilation that brings together some of its more memorable bits. Scroll to the bottom of this page for some trailers to our upcoming podcast,ย The Sound Test!

SCP1 – Season One

This season featured Secret Cave’s founders, Lee Tyrrell and Benjamin Brandall, going back and forth on a variety of topics. We cover some of our favourite (and least favourite) TV shows, films, music, games and more. Many episodes alsoย include Ben Mulholland, who wrote regularly for Secret Cave at the time. Lee’s Dad, Andy Tyrrell, makes his first SCP appearance in #7 (before showing up more in future seasons). SCP1 isย only available to Patreon supporters.

SCP2 – Season Two

SCP2 is made up almost exclusively of interviews with creatives, from a wide array of fields. The only exceptions are two episodes, which both follow the same format as SCP1 (one with Ben Mulholland, and another with Andy Tyrrell).

*These episodes are only available to Patreon supporters.

SCP3 – Season Three

For SCP3, we tried toย strike more of a balance between in-depth interviews and casual conversations. In addition, we began to play more consciously with fictional versions of ourselves โ€” to mixed results. Joined by co-founder Benjamin Brandall, MC Kat, Andy Tyrrell and Martin Simpermanis, Lee Tyrrell attempts to curate the world’s greatest podcast with a series of misjudged features.

*These episodes are only available toย Patreon supporters.

SCP Minis

SCP Minis are short snippets from our podcasts, and other sources, edited and re-imagined. All 26 SCP Minis can be viewed in this playlist, but here are three of our favourites:

SC Streamcast

Though we’ve only released two official episodes so far, we plan to continue our SC Streamcasts in the future. Somewhere between a stream and a podcast, Lee Tyrrell and Dale Fowler play games and use them as a catalyst for conversation. You can stay up to date with any future streams over at our Twitch.

The Sound Test

Scheduled for sometime in June/July 2018, The Sound Test is a documentary podcast that concentrates on video game music, sound design and voice acting. Production for the series is already underway, and interviews have been recorded with Danny Baranowsky, David Wise, Rob Hubbard, Grant Kirkhope, Mike Morasky, Ben Daglish, Michael Bross and Nathan McCree. Other guests include Ellen McClain, Eric Barone, Ridiculon and Tommy Tallarico. A written edition of The Sound Test, with Terry Scott Taylor, is available here as a prelude. All future trailers will debut on our Twitter, and can be found in this playlist. Patreon supporters at any tier will gain access to this podcast a week before each episode’s public release.