Nick Lutsko – Grinning Like a Barracuda

Grinning Like a Barracuda appears on our debut compilation tape, Volume #1: Birth. It’s also available to stream on Spotify, or purchase on iTunes!

We’re huge fans of Nick Lutsko at Secret Cave. In fact, just last year, he made an appearance on our podcast. He remains one of the friendliest people we’ve spoken to, and offered up heaps of insight on his music and work for Super Deluxe. Following on from his last album, Etc., Nick has recently released a new song — complete with an excellent music video.

Grinning Like a Barracuda is certainly an earworm. From its driving, almost primal, beats to its catchy chorus and tight production, it’s a song that’s difficult to stay moody around. Nick’s music often has that quality, instilled with a zest I rarely hear. Its video portrays that beautifully, switching between shots of a very surreal morning routine and the soaring magnificence of the Chattanooga Fire Cabaret. Directed by Justin Cipriani, the visuals are a perfect match for Nick’s angular songwriting. I sincerely hope that this is a sign of more to come…

Before its release this year, Nick gave us permission to include Grinning Like a Barracuda on our debut compilation tape. It’s only available on physical versions of the tape though, which we thought would be the best approach. After all, our tape shipped out several months before the official release of Nick’s latest video. You can order your own copy of Volume #1: Birth on cassette tape here. Otherwise, our free digital edition has By & By, another of my favourite songs by Nick, in its place. However, don’t forget to show your support to this fantastic music by checking it out on YouTube, Spotify or iTunes!

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