Old Ghosts – Maybe Someday

Our gift for “Birth” level or higher patrons this month is very close to my heart. Maybe Someday is an EP of my collected teenage songwriting, once thought lost beneath MySpace technical errors.

The EP is mostly made up of acoustic meanderings, and is only the tip of the iceberg. A huge amount of my recordings were accidentally deleted without physical copies over a decade ago, but there are plans afoot for a full album of fleshed out, properly produced material. Until then, I hope that the homemade sound of this release is charming enough for you to enjoy it!

Non-patrons can still stream the album for free, or download its entirety for $1, through our Bandcamp. But don’t forget that pledging to our Patreon at the “Birth” tier or higher will get you a download code for Maybe Someday, along with all our previous digital gifts.



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