March is an important contributor toย Secret Cave. Our third season of podcasts,ย SCP3, currently features him as a regular cast member. However, he initially came into contact with us through his music. We used a bonus track from his previous album,ย THE RIDE, on our debut cassette tape. Despite being a mere fifteen years old, he has an impressive number of hip-hop explorations to his name. He’s a remarkably talented vocalist and producer for his age.ย This week, March releasedย CRACKER LP. In time, we’ll be producing a full tape of this new collection of tracks for our upcoming store. But, until our physical release, you can hearย CRACKER LPย on Bandcamp.

As March himself asserts in its opener, this is an extremely crisp work. In fact, besides two tracks, it represents his first experiments with writing music from scratch. Yet, the beats punch through with infectious clarity and synergy with the lyrics accompanying them. It’s playful with its nostalgia, which dusts every track. That’s particularly true ofย GOLD PLATED, peppered with the joyous tones of melodies fromย Super Mario 64. From start to finish, it’s an evolution for March. Already an engaging rapper, with enough that’s unique in his delivery,ย CRACKER LP shows that he’s always developing his craft.

Interestingly, the album’s a markedly transparent work. Several times, March addresses the listener personally. These moments capture your attention. It gives the release a feeling of communication. We want to hear what else he has to say; especially after he takes the time to pause and reflect inย 222. In actuality, that track has its roots in his second appearance on our podcast.

Make sure to go and support March on his Bandcamp and YouTube. I doubt he’ll stop making music for some time, and he already has a sizeable back-catalogue. No-one will be watching his trajectory with keener interest thanย Secret Cave, so follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates. He’s someone to keep your eyes and ears on. If this is the level of hip-hop he can create after only fifteen years of life, where he’ll be in ten years is an exciting prospect. Click below to hearย CRACKER LP:

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