I always watchย WrestleMania live. Wrestling is one of the odder things that we cover atย Secret Cave, but it’s such a magnificent theatre for the absurd. I intend, at some point, to post something explanatory on my love for it. Until then, last night wasย WrestleMania and i’m still reeling from how good it was. It’s been a while sinceย WrestleManiaย truly gripped me, but this one was pretty much great from start to finish. Focusing heavily on the in-ring product, it’s the first time in a while I found myself wishing for more storyline. That said, the athleticism and ring psychology was strong throughout. I felt it began to drop a few balls in its latter stages. Not least because Bray Wyatt went a bit too far, but mainly because of the looming spectre of Undertaker’s probable retirement.

These live tweets, accompanied with pictures, represent my very first reactions. In some cases, I may provide a little retrospective tweaking after a tweet. I’ve had a chance to sleep on things, and read some other reactions, and not all of my observations seem to ring true anymore. Nonetheless, I greatly enjoyed doing this and hope that someone in the Twitter-sphere got something out of it. If so, please make sure to follow us over there so you can join myย upcomingย Payback tweeting session!

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The New Day eventually ended up contributing practically nothing to this PPV. This was to be expected, but it’s annoying how these talented guys have been relegated to jesters. I actually really like them, on an individual basis too. They deserve so much more than to be treated as clowns and karted out for the kids and memesters. Accordingly, The New Day are on my own personal list until they decide to do some god-damn wrestling again. The trombone is one of the best wrestling props in years though…












Sometimes the character limit on Twitter forces you to omit words… Anyway, then Sasha Banks got eliminated.


A Bayley vs. Charlotte singles match is always how this should have gone. I got genuinely enraged on the road toย WrestleManiaย about how Sasha Banks and Nia Jax just hijacked it for no good reason. Still, the end result was a joy to watch and some of Jax’s squashing really wasn’t all that bad in the end. This storyline had a lot more potential, but it at least had the finish expected and wanted.






I admit that throughout that match I was rather marking out. Still, it was a thoroughly enjoyable spot-fest with some great performances all around. It’s true that this is far from one of the bestย WrestleManiaย Ladder matches, but to not be entertained would be cynical in the extreme. Sheamus and Cesaro were on truly top form in this one, but I would have liked to see a little bit more of Enzo and Big Cass… I’ll be surprised if the Hardy Boyz will last any longer than the Dudley Boyz did on their return,ย to be honest.





John Cena’s proposal was actually a rather lovely moment. Having said that, I am the jaded type. I can’t help but feel that this was something that Nikki Bella would have had some far more advanced knowledge of. Putting that to one side, and having slept on the event, this match was kind of forgettable. I remember not hating it, and having enough fun to be along for the ride, but it’s just not likely to stick in anyone’s heads. The Miz was on fantastic form though, displaying exactly why he needs a little bit more credit for his significant abilities.





I regret calling this a 5-Star match. It doesn’t quite deserve that, though I would stand by it receiving a four. I think most fans and wrestling journalists consider this match to be somewhat average. For me, it was certainly one of the better matches of the card. The limb targeting towards Seth Rollins’ recovering knee had its tiresome moments, but there was enough in this to showcase the talents of both performers. I’ve heard it said that Triple H is useless when it comes to putting on a match these days. What nonsense. This was a brilliant match, and anybody telling you otherwise has probably lost some of the magic of it all. Welcome back, Rollins.






Having watched this back for a second time, i’m actually quite a bit more pissed off at it. This is a poor match, and mostly felt like I was watching a gimmick Boogeyman match. Almost nothing of consequence happened here, save for the title change. I think I’ve well and truly lost my interest in Bray Wyatt. When he won his title, I was sincerely hoping his “Wyatt-Era” would be something at least vaguely historic. What a terrible footnote. What were we supposed to think about those shocking graphics on the ring too? They made no sense whatsoever!




This was, obviously, rather a short match. I have to say though, it really sticks out on the card for me by pure virtue of going against my expectations. I was thinking this would consist of, at most, three moves. We didn’t get much more than that, true, but the way it was structured was clearly quite well thought out and playing to the very extent of Goldberg’s abilities. Now his little title run is over, hopefully he’ll go back to his family and leave the spot open for more worthy contenders. Paul Heyman’s promo package leading into this clash was pretty damn fantastic too; and that’s coming from someone who’s been sick of his work with Brock Lesnar of late.




While this was far from an excellent match, I do feel I was a little unfair to the women of SmackDown in my tweets. They all did the best that they could really, save Carmella who was just sort of there. Naomi deserved to win, and i’m a little embarrassed that I showed such support for Becky Lynch initially. Shows how much I like an Irish lass I guess. I think that, by this point, much of the audience were quite fatigued by a long and demanding show. It had been a goodย WrestleMania, but I know I had gotten more than quite tired. Many of us were simply waiting for what would happen between Roman Reigns and The Undertaker…









I was so tired at this point that I didn’t do thisย WreslteManiaย moment nearly enough justice in my tweets. Yes, the ending could have been handled better. However, Reign’s taking the victory really was the only way it could have concluded. They just should have done it with a bit more of a spark. I’ve heard it rumoured that it wasn’t supposed to end like this, and it was drawn to an early close due to Undertaker’s inadequate endurance. That’s all speculation though. In the end, it could have been far worse and it felt like a fair enough slug-fest for Undertaker to retire on. The match itself could have done with just a little more fire, but I blame the WWE for pushing him to this point anyway. His exit really was unbelievably poignant, considering the tears in his own eyes.


The Undertaker will always be the most legendary figure of professional wrestling. It’s fully deserved too, as he’s led a career of incredible longevity, quality and serious heft. When I first got into wrestling as a child, Undertaker was already the respected, untouchable elder. To his very last day he remained a badass, even if, against his will, he was pushed too far and too hard by the company he showed such dedication to. Thank you, ‘Taker, for being the stone-solid Olympian for our times that you have been. You’ll never be forgotten, and your legacy will inspire immeasurable generations.

Here’s an article I wrote a while back on why The Undertaker is so important.


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