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We’re now preparing to post out copies of Issue #2: Breath! If you haven’t yet ordered a copy, you can do so by visiting our store or brand new Patreon page. We’ve worked hard to make this zine worth the money, by filling it with as much writing, art and photography as we could source. In the end, we’ve more than doubled the page count of our debut issue.

We’re immensely proud of the contributors who have given this project life. Thanks to them, we’ve been able to include a wide variety of interesting expressions. This post will take a quick look at each feature, to help give a flavour of what to expect.

Issue #2: Breath – Contributors

The first thing we should showcase is the zine’s cover, which was created especially for Secret Cave by Katrine Claassens. Katrine’s art reflects our mutual obsessions, and evolving culture, with inspirations as disparate as memes and climate change.

breath cov

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City Scape by Lewis C. Foster

An example of Lewis C. Foster‘s photography kicks off the zine, setting out our aesthetic with a stunning shot. Below is another of his photos, which we came very close to using:

photo 2

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Almost Normal: Why I Love Lowbrow Art by Warren “WEE” Elliott

In this autobiographical yarn, Warren “WEE” Elliott takes us through his history with lowbrow art. We also present several examples of his own art. Here’s the opening page of his evocative spread, as a sample:

Lowbrow-Art-V8 (1)-1

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The First Status Update by Benjamin Brandall

Secret Cave’s very own Benjamin Brandall has put forward a fascinating article about how answering machines predicted social media. Take a look at its first page below for a taste of Benjamin’s observations:

Status-Update-p1-2-V7 (2)-1

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Welcome to the Internet by Nadia Fouche and Katrine Claassens

Here, Nadia Fouche takes a deeper look at Katrine Claassens‘ paintings and their themes. This page perfectly shows off both Katrine and Nadia’s work:

Welcome to the Internet Export V14-1

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Constructing Achewood: A Momentary Diversion with Chris Onstad

One of my biggest influences, Chris Onstad (creator of Achewood), joins us in the Secret Cave for Issue #2: Breath. This interview sees him look back over his gigantic catalogue and analyse some of its workings. He even offers an exclusive tease for the future…


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Breath 1 and Breath 2 by Okti

Okti was the earliest contributor to send us a submission, and we were as blown away this time around as we were by her art for Issue #1: Birth. Below is Breath 1, half of her excellent output for this zine:

OKTI-p2-V3 (2)-1

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ACME: An Explanation by Lee Tyrrell

I began serialising my ten-part experimental fiction, ACME, in our last issue. This time around we’ve published part two, which attempts to explain some of part one’s mysteries. You can find part one of ACME here, but here’s a sample of this zine’s chapter:

ACME-2-An-Explanation-V7 (2)-1

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Caedmon: A Computer Learning to Make Art

After speaking to Maurizio Fusillo last year, we’ve become big fans of Caedmon. As the title suggests, Caedmon is a computer learning to make art, and the results are incredible. Issue #2: Breath contains more of Caedmon’s singular artworks, but this snippet is a nice introduction:


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Sharing the Vision: How Software is Making Science Accessible to All by Linn Boldt-Christmas

In Sharing the Vision, Linn Boldt-Christmas outlines the philosophies behind Grapheel, a team dedicated to making science education more accessible to all. You can read the beginning of Daniel Hajas‘ inspiring story below:


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Tyrannosaurus Death!: A Conversation with Adam Volerich

We’ve championed Adam Volerich‘s short films since we spoke to him for SCP2 last year. To coincide with his latest film, Tyrannosaurus Death!, we interviewed Adam about its production. This first page of the conversation briefly summarises the project:


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Building the Perfect Rapper by Professor Elemental

We worked with Professor Elemental on SCP2 and Volume #1: BirthFor this zine, the Professor takes us through his personal guide to building the perfect rapper, complete with his favourite examples of the craft. Here’s a brief glimpse at his thoughtful, and hilarious, piece:


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A Hat in Time: Interview with Jenna Brown, 2D Art Director

Our full interview with Jenna Brown is up on our site here, so we’ve done all we can to make it a particularly special set of pages. In key with A Hat in Time‘s style, we’ve tried to recreate the aesthetic of old gaming magazines and manuals. Below is an example of the approach we’ve taken:


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Outsider Textiles: A Conversation with Shanell Papp

Shanell Papp does some outstanding things with textiles, and this interview goes into some of her methods and the processes behind them. Shanell’s art has a tone of its own, which we hope we’ve faithfully matched in our page designs:


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Contusions of a Greying Culture Vulture: A Semi-Automatic Essay by Kevin McCaighy

Kevin McCaighy is a writer with an enormous familiarity with the world of independent publication. His words have been published by The Quietus, but his zine project — SALT — has influenced us at Secret Cave since our conception. Kevin starts out his thoughts and insight with this:

Kev 4-1

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Reynisfjara by Jack Lawtey

Jack Lawtey is a very close friend of mine, and provided some music to Volume #1: Birth (as a part of Bear Flag). His varied talent apparently knows no bounds, as his photography proves. His Instagram is full of amazing imagery, and we found it difficult to settle on one picture for Issue #2: Breath. This was a close runner-up:

A post shared by @fffoureyes on

Doodles throughout Issue #2: Breath by Tristen Brookshire

Tristen Brookshire is a magnificently creative artist, comfortable in adapting to a number of styles. To make the best use of this, we asked Tristen to provide us with a series of doodles for several pages of Issue #2: Breath. She certainly didn’t disappoint, adding a whole new character to the project and something a little deeper that we’ll leave our readers to discover…


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Issue #2: Breath will be made available for free in a digital edition on June 1st. However, we are now shipping physical copies. You can order your own copy of this zine, or Issue #1: Birth, through our store. Alternatively, our Patreon page offers many ways to receive a physical release (along with heaps of other rewards).

Our contributors deserve every ounce of attention they receive, so follow any links provided to show your support to them individually. Whatever your interest in Secret Cave, we’re grateful for your time and hope to see you return. For us, community is key, and we can’t build it alone.

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