SCP3 #13 – Goodbye

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Unfortunately, we’ve decided to bring our podcast to an end. There are several reasons why, ranging from audio quality to a greater concentration on our zine. It’s not over for good but, while we work on Issue #2: Breath, we simply can’t keep up a podcast as regularly as we’d like. We have some fun ideas for different formats in the future, but we need a little more time to develop them. In this final episode, Benjamin and I discuss our original intentions.

In the spirit of our first plans, we do still chat about a few pop culture gems too. This week’s “Show and Tell” segment begins with some thoughts on Peep Show. From there, I rage about Bojack Horseman and highly recommend Futurama. A few other things come up along the way, but it all culminates in the latest episode of Batman: The Audio Adventures. I maintain that this is the finest, most faithful adaptation of Batman yet. This second edition proves my point for me, and I hope you enjoy it.

I’ll be coming out with more Batman: The Audio Adventures when possible. You can find its first episode as a standalone video here, and the second here. Until we return, in a few months time, thank you for listening. Click here, or below, to hear our last episode, Goodbye.

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