Goldie Lookin Chain – Fear of a Welsh Planet [ANNOUNCEMENT]

Just a couple of months ago, we spoke to Goldie Lookin Chain’s principle lyricist, Eggsy. How he kept quiet about new material, I’ll never know. But, going against his strategic silence, today sees the announcement of the collective’s twentieth LP, Fear of a Welsh Planet. Last year brought us a wealth of GLC to enjoy, from a Christmas album to a live recording of their compressed Legends of GLC show. Now they’re back, and it’s with some extra ambition.

For the first time since their debut wide-release, Greatest Hits, they come with a considered manifesto; even if it’s one they’ve largely forgotten.

The story of Fear of a Welsh Planet begins in 2015 as the GLC: Rhys from GLC, Eggsy, Mystikal, Mike Balls, DJ Killer Tomato, Graham the Bear, Adam Hussain, Billy Webb and 2 Hats, met up with rap legends, The Pharcyde at a festival in Bristol. Talking until the small hours about how to make the perfect hip hop album, the musical heavyweights left each other content they’d cracked the code. Unfortunately, nobody wrote it down and GLC have no recollection of the conclusion whatsoever, other than the rule to write at least one rap about your Nan.

Their formula for reaching the pinnacle of the rhyming genre is an approximation, but they reckon they’re pretty close:

  • Get plenty of sleep; health is the key to creativity – You can get some very strong, over the counter supplements to help you with this. If you try and stay awake on them, things get all kinds of crazy.
  • Find inspiration from what you see around you – GLC go from the pub, to the betting shop, home for a smoke, to the kebab shop and then to bed, usually. It’s a goldmine of inspiration, other bands aren’t so lucky. You can’t just pluck gems like I Got a Van from nowhere.
  • Write as many tunes as you can – It’s vital that you write as many killer rhymes as you can, on the off chance one of them might hit the formula that GLC and The Pharcyde forgot. Well, The Pharcyde might remember, but they’re really difficult to get hold of.

GLC Fear Album Promo Shot

As far as their first point goes, I only wish I could get more sleep. Fortunately, at least I’ll have a new GLC album next month to listen to on later nights. Their second assertion speaks louder to their ongoing appeal. GLC are far more than the novelty they’re often accused of. In actuality, their humorous verses are a starkly accurate portrayal of the United Kingdom that I’ve spent my entire life in. Though undeniably hilarious, that almost universally comes from the truth of their observations. It’s among their greatest strengths and, it seems, it’s back in full force on Fear of a Welsh Planet.

A prolific attitude to output is something all creatives have to learn. Of course, this third statement is tongue-in-cheek. Yet, like their lyrics, principle hides as a secret ingredient. Making “Write as many tunes as you can” a metaphoric mantra is sound advice for any. When it comes to GLC, knowing they’ve adopted this approach is a good omen for an impending album. The results are known to include Chicken Soup, which is purported to not be about chicken soup, Bonk Eye and Six Feet Tall; a heartfelt tribute to their absent past-member, Maggot. Described as “the band’s poignant, Wish You Were Here moment”, casting Maggot as a hip-hop Syd Barrett may be a stroke of genius. You can take that as indication that, unfortunately, Maggot won’t appear this time around.

Until November 3rd, when the album officially drops, all we have is their video to Bonk Eye (available below). What I can offer beyond that is the sideline announcement that Rhys, also known as P.Xain, will be appearing as a guest on SCP3! I’ll be speaking to him soon, where I hope to get some exclusive thoughts on Fear of a Welsh Planet. I may even aim to have that out on the day of the record’s release. Otherwise, GLC are playing numerous dates before the year comes to an end. Make sure to get yourself down to one of them; in particular, I’ll be in attendance at their Doncaster show in November. There, I’ll be attempting to get some insights from the whole group on this new LP!

Fear of a Welsh Planet is now available on iTunes!

Track list

1. Intro
2. Chicken Soup
3. Fear Of a Welsh Planet
4. I Got a Van
5. Bonk Eye
6. It’s The Law Of The Streets
7. Netflix In Bed
8. Mystikal Back In Position
9. This One Goes Out To The Ravers
10. Adam and Balls Show
11. It’s a Goldie Lookin Chain
12. Six Feet Tall
13. Sex People
14. Pass The Pipe
15. I’m The One
16. I Loves Green
17. Rom Com Lover


GLC are available on Twitter here! You can also visit their official site and YouTube for more music and news. For those like me, go over to their Spotify for a binge-listen. Click here for my previous interview with GLC’s Eggsy, and listen to the audio below.

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