Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture [FIRST IMPRESSIONS]

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
First Impressions


The mere gall of thinking you can use the medium of video games to tell your half-baked story is an insult not only to players but the entire industry.  Going into it with outright contempt for design and gameplay is a noxious mindset, and one I want well away from my game developers.  However, its setting is an intriguing one, and its interest in bringing extreme aesthetic quality at every turn is very much appreciated.


There is no gameplay to speak of.  The “game” is essentially a well decorated corridor which you walk sluggishly through.  You can’t even sprint!  Gameplay is such an integral element of games that it has its own section of analysis here.  Eschewing gameplay is criminal.  While it can be minimal and still have impact, this goes far too far.  An alarming lack of creativity.


Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture has some of the most beautiful graphics I’ve ever seen.  They’re truly stunning, and I would love to see them implemented in something that actually respects the medium.  To find fault with the way the game looks is facile, but that’s absolutely not enough to support a quality video game.  Since I live in the UK, where it is set, and not far from areas very similar, why wouldn’t I just go outside and see it for real when there’s no actual game as a throughline?


The sound design of this game is of a similarly high quality to its aesthetics.  With good music, solid production and more than passable voice acting, it’s very hard to flaw.  Again, it all comes to nothing when put alongside the lazy design and poor story.  It’s simply too good for the skeletal material it beefs up.  It becomes aural window dressing to uninspired moments; inappropriately flourishing punctuation to flat narrative.  Please just bring this level of production to something that can support it!  God knows triple-A games need a jolt in that department.


Essentially a waste of your time, it’s simply not worth even loading up despite its gorgeous visuals and meticulous sound.  It wouldn’t need much to pump this with a bit of intrigue either, and all it would take is a couple of interesting elements to make it stick out from the crowd.  I want more from my games than some frustrated writer’s misuse of the medium.  An absolute MUST AVOID.

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