SCP3 #10 – Drugs

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For this podcast episode, we took a far less rigid approach.ย Over the past few editions, trying to corral my co-hosts into a workable structure has proven a waste of time. Therefore, I decided to throw caution to the wind and let the conversation evolve naturally. I’m a lot happier the results, though I’m still far from my dream of a “perfect podcast”. Perhaps,ย as time passes,ย it will just be a matter of chipping away at the mistakes of youth. With that in mind, I shall remain steadfast in my quest.

Both Benjamin and Katy join me in my endeavour for this episode ofย SCP3. We discuss drugs, some of the culture surrounding them and our own personal experiences with narcotics. As a result, it’s fairly candid. From my mishaps when carrying weed through customs to Benjamin’s gurning past with MDMA, we’re more transparent about our drug use over the years than I predicted. I hope that it’s a refreshing talk for that very reason. Mainly, we concentrate on alcohol, cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms and cocaine. I’m already considering a sequel of sorts for this podcast, entitled “Hard Drugs”.ย While it’s an area I have little to no experience in, I’d still like to explore some of the more extreme drugs we left out.

For this week’s “Show & Tell” segment, I try a new format. Thanks to Benjamin, Katy, March and my dad’s continued confusion, I’ve streamlined the whole idea. Instead of us needing to prepare something to show and, indeed, tell, I’ll be tasking my co-hosts to chose something from their direct surroundings to comment on. It’s a little more in key with my original intentions, but the jury’s out on if my contemporaries are up to the responsibility of such a winning segment. If not, I’ve injected a point-scoring system to the show. It will take some ironing out, especially since my dog managed to somehow “win” the episode, but I’m confident in its potential. To hear all of this play out for yourself, click here. Alternatively, click the embed below:

British fellow consumes media and regurgitates back what you should think about it.

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