Final Impressions

(all ratings are out of 10)


It’s not a particularly interesting idea to throw another Doom sequel at us, and it doesn’t even twist it that much on its head to make it a re-boot.  The idea of violent first-person shooting has an appeal, but a limited one.


When presented with the mechanics and design they’ve come up with, the concept’s limited appeal exceeds all expectations.  Some of the smoothest, tightest and simply most fun first-person shooting available make this a truly stand-out title.  Shooting has never been this entertaining or satisfying, and it’s backed-up by a solid upgrades/secrets/collectables curve.


The look of this game is a constantly crisp feast for the eyes.  Gorgeous locations mesh with loving design to create a world that’s somewhere between reality and cartoon.  That somewhere is a surprising visual treat, and DOOM could easily have gotten away with far less effort being put into its look and style.  The craft of each individual enemy model is staggering, not to mention the landscapes they populate.  Levels set in Hell are somewhat underwhelming in their aesthetics however.


DOOM is made all the more enjoyable thanks to its barnstorming soundtrack.  The music is always perfectly adjusted and utterly appropriate to your actions.  The creation of the music itself features a lot of trailblazing elements, while remaining true to the established canon of the series’ sound.  Sound effects themselves generally do the trick, but also don’t stand out and can even feel weak at times.


Prevented from an 8 rating by some lazy boss battles and some unwelcome general messiness, DOOM is nevertheless something I endorse as a MUST-PLAY experience.  Whether a fan of first-person shooters or not, DOOM features a campaign you can neatly tailor to your abilities and that is certain to please almost any gamer for its sheer creativity and intuitive gameplay.  The game manages to be both exactly what it says on the tin and more than meets the eye.

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