Dan Renton Skinner on Anarchic Comedy (SCP Mini)

For our latest SCP Mini (compressed editions of our regular podcasts), we’ve used our interview with Dan Renton Skinner as a source. As someone with a wealth of experience within British comedy, he had much to say on the subject.ย I took particular interest, when speaking to him, in the anarchic nature of certain comedies of the early 90’s. Thanks to his widespread work with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, it’s something he clearly understands. In more modern times, some of the punk has disappeared from our national humorists. As Skinner himself notes, they simply don’t allow that aesthetic on syndicated television anymore.

While I personally believe that the internet is a powerful remedy to those constraints, Skinner is a little more sceptical. Despite standing on a different side of the fence to him, I echo some of his excellent points. Some forms of new media, such as 3D film and virtual reality, are probably gimmicks. Instead of being exciting new ways to tell stories, they’re nothing more than distracting fads. The purity of storytelling transcends it all. Though I see grandeur in my views on social media and the internet, there’s truth to it often missing something. It’s a medium in a stage of potential.

National Grid High Voltage Research Project

It’s worth taking some time to discuss the music used in this SCP Mini. Here atย Secret Cave, we do actually host original music. It’s not something we’ve made too much of a fanfare about; we believe that most of our affiliated music is best discovered accidentally. However, the music used here is worthy of some introduction. Once local juggernauts on the York music scene, National Grid High Voltage Research Project are a band deserving of far more attention. That is to say, outside of their initial gigs, they’ve received practically none. I believe their only recording,ย Dig Deep, is a forgotten masterwork. Each of the four tracks from it are available on our YouTube. It’s worth noting that, yes, my brother was a member of this now-defunct band. That does nothing to effect my admiration for the music.

The track utilised inย Dan Renton Skinner on Anarchic Comedyย is a lengthy post-rock beast of intense weight. By the name ofย Do Not Feed Before Midnight, its dynamic shifts are as compelling as its melodic leanings. Whenย Secret Caveย was more formative, I edited some slapdash music videos together for National Grid. I was rather happy with the one I made for this track, which used footage fromย Gremlinsย to fit the piece’s title. Unfortunately, no matter how I tried to mask it under filters, YouTube denied its upload every time. I had to just throw up an image of 50 Cent in the end, but the original video is available on Dropbox here. The music itself is the main event though, and at least that made its way up:

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