SCP3 #02 – Conspiracy

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In our previous season of podcasts, the focus shifted almost entirely toward interviews. Except for SCP2‘s opening and finale episodes, the series featured nothing but conversations with some of our influences. This was in stark contrast to SCP1, which instead took the form of structured talks between our writers. This time, we wanted to strike a balance between the two approaches. As a result, interviews will drop intermittently throughout this third season. Otherwise, it will consist of dialogues similar to SCP1. The key difference is a more casual and playful atmosphere.

Benjamin and I, as Secret Cave‘s founders, will be mainstays across the season. One of my intentions for SCP3 is to establish an expanded “cast”, so to speak. As this venture has evolved, we’ve come into contact with a number of interesting creatives whose unique voices suit the podcast. Moving forward, we’ve invited several of them to join our discussions regularly. We’ll be mixing and matching different combinations of people, just to see what comes out. This episode, Conspiracy, introduces Martin Simpermanis (also known as March). At the age of fifteen, March’s talents for rapping and production are wildly impressive. He’s featured on our tape, Volume #1: Birth, and we have plans to release a full album of his music in 2018. You can hear more of his work through his YouTube channel.

March certainly brought a new flavour to this episode. His obsession with conspiracy theories, no matter how insane, largely controlled proceedings. Though I don’t share in his beliefs, and make that very clear in the podcast, I’m glad he brought them to the table. Not only did it allow me to play with his tales in the editing process, but it explores territory that wouldn’t occur to me. That’s exactly why I thought March, and future SCP3 guests, would be valuable assets to the show. I may consider the stories he details to be nonsense, but that means debate. Thanks, in part, to my lack of social graces, debate often makes a tumultuously engaging listen. I’m sure some of this season’s temper tantrums will eventually find an embarrassing home in Benjamin’s SCP Minis.

Beyond conspiracy theories, main talking points include the legalisation of cannabis, sexism, political correctness and the importance of a title to a film. I bring up a trending news story from August, when we recorded this episode, which refers to a debacle surrounding James Cameron. Considering our delay in releasing this, I think it’s worth linking back to the story I mentioned. Like many things on social media, it appears that accusations of sexism aimed at Cameron have quickly blown over. We also spend some time analysing the aforementioned tape, including a track from March, in some rather confusing terms. At the time, we hadn’t even announced its existence. Now, the tape is public knowledge but not yet released or available on Bandcamp. As soon as it’s online, I’ll post here instantly for those wanting to hear it.

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