SCP3 #03 – Birds

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Continuing with our changes this season, this SCP3 episode is another casual conversation. As I mentioned in the post for Conspiracy, we want to feature an expanded “cast” of associates. That’s why we introduced March last week, who’s set to be a regular guest. This week, we’ve invited MC Kat (coincidentally, another Latvian rapper) to join our conversation. Like March, her music is on our upcoming tape release. Unlike March, MC Kat is Benjamin’s wife. However, this isn’t the reason for her inclusion; even if it does ring of nepotism. The truth is, obviously, that Katy (as she’s generally known) is a talented and interesting person in her own right. Admittedly, our podcast was pining for a female perspective too. Click the track below to hear some of her work, which I’ve championed since she first started. This is the same track that appears on Volume #1: Birth:

Being the first female to appear on our podcast, the subject of sexism and gender politics becomes an overarching focus. I was glad that Katy brought as much to the table as she did. Clearly, the whole subject is something I’m eager to discuss, though I feel intense trepidation in doing so. Katy’s presence opened the floodgates somewhat, allowing us all to talk with a little less fear. This came, in part, from an opening dialogue about Katy’s beginnings in music. We’re looking forward to putting out an entire album of MC Kat’s eventually, so keep your eyes on Secret Cave for that. In the meantime, you can check out her Soundcloud and YouTube for current releases.

Surrounding those topics, we spend some time talking about Netflix (where Benjamin references this article), and the debut of Star Trek: Discovery. In addition, my knee pops out, Katy offers thoughts on her native Latvia and Show & Tell crumbles before my eyes yet again. In the end, it all concludes quite abruptly thanks to me being overwhelmingly tired. Before we finish, I mention South Park in relation to “cash for gold”. Here’s a link to information on the episode I’m referring to, for anyone left hanging by that. We sail over a handful of other talking points across Birds‘ entirety, so it’s probably best that you just click below to hear it in full!

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