Bird of the Week [BEST OF SCP1 TEASER]

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Our first season of podcasts is something I try not to think about. We were incredibly naive, and many of our conversations meander into crushingly dull territory. As a result, we’ve noticed many curious listeners get no further than our first episode before running a mile. Frankly, I don’t blame them. I’m far more proud of SCP3, our current season, because of its accessible tone. After all, our debut podcast talk was a lengthy discussion about Star Trek; a fairly alienating topic.

That said, there are flashes of fun and intrigue in SCP1. I always thought it a shame that those titbits were surrounded by more unwieldy material. From that consideration, I decided to compile a succinct “Best Of” for the season, to collect its finest moments together. As a test, I edited our opening dialogue down to just over two minutes. Then, Benjamin added some visuals in order to use it as an SCP Mini (compressed editions of our podcasts). Inspired by the segment, entitled Bird of the Week, I instantly got to work on selecting other choice cuts. Rather ambitiously, Benjamin will create dynamic visuals for its entirety.

That makes this project our first attempt at long-form visual content. It’s an idea I greatly look forward to and, I think, will stand among our better releases to date. We may, in the future, do something similar for SCP2. For now, we’ll be continuing with our weekly instalments of season three while we finish the graft on this “Best Of”. It’s no secret that clip shows like this are often, rightly, derided. In this case, I strongly believe in its worth as a replacement for a fairly shoddy run of podcasts. We hope you enjoy it, and estimate its release to land in January next year. You can see Bird of the Week, our first teaser for this compilation, below. Alternatively, you can watch it in a playlist of our SCP Minis here. Extra teasers will soon be available, so stay up-to-date with us on Twitter!

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