Secret Cave: Obsessed with Digital Culture

Secret Cave started as an online zine of neurotic, obsessive writing on hidden gems and fringe pop culture. We have since evolved into a print zine, which you can read about here. Our first issue is currently available for free as a digital edition. You can also purchase a physical version from our store, or order our second issue.

We cover internet and digital culture, artificial intelligence, creativity in all its forms, the evolution of art and anything else that drifts into our thoughts. We also, occasionally, feature original fiction.

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Benjamin Brandall


Benjamin’s fascination with technology and artificial intelligence drives much of his output for Secret Cave. Immersed in a world of bots, neural networks and social media hive-minds, he’s emerged as an engaging authority on the digital landscape. Equally, his knowledge – both political and cultural – of various societies throughout history has brought many a gem to light. He sees parallels in the movements of the internet and those of the human beings that gave it life. Informed by the past, but inspired by what’s yet to come, Benjamin looks for sense and order in the chaos of binary. On the Secret Cave Podcast, it’s usually his place to both temper and inflame Lee’s emotions. Beyond his writing, Benjamin solely curates the visual design of this site and all printed materials. If you feel your work might be a fit for Secret Cave, make sure to get in touch through Twitter.


Lee Tyrrell

Following a life of tireless media consumption, Lee has gained an obsession with popular culture and its development over time. As such, his interests often lie in praising the unsung merits of obscurities (or damning the shortcomings of mass-produced fluff). He usually writes about the power of creativity, and what our television shows, films, music and art imply about the human condition. Lee is now running his own podcast, “The Sound Test”, through Audioboom.